What do you get when you mix Eastern spiritual traditions with Western entrepreneurialism?

A potent formula for a successful life that’s the best of both worlds!

Based on the TRUE STORY of a celebrated entrepreneur who walks a spiritual path. A guidebook for your own journey, or a perfect gift for the aspiring entrepreneur in your life!

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“I started meditating, a path of personal growth, because I thought it could help accelerate my career. By the time I was done, I would begin to view my career as a way of accelerating my personal growth. I realized I had it backwards.”

- Riz Virk, from Zen Entrepreneur

How do you mix success with a spiritual path? Can they comfortably co-exist in one person?

Based on the author’s life, Zen Entrepreneurship follows a young entrepreneur as he starts and grows a multi-million dollar business, only to discover that real success is completely intertwined with the spiritual realm.
This book isn’t just for entrepreneurs, even though it’s priceless if you have a business or an idea for one. Zen Entrepreneurship is for anyone who wants to discover the life they were meant for, bring more integrity to their work and achieve greater success personally and financially! 

Not business as usual

Not long after earning his degree from MIT (he would later get another from Stanford), the author had the good fortune to be mentored by a number of spiritual guides before launching the Silicon Valley start-up that would be the first of many great successes.

He was introduced to meditation, and to concepts such as the “hidden worlds” and “energetic patterns” that at first seemed bizarre, and irrelevant to his business goals. After all, he was a smart, driven, well-educated young man of high ambition. Why did he need this weird stuff?

Business was business, right?


Or was it?

Over the following years, he came to accept and live by the credo that there should be no separation between one’s business life and the spiritual realm. That each feeds on the other – spirit feeding work, work feeding spirit.

“I found that our beliefs, energetic patterns, and thoughts manifest themselves in our careers in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. I also realized that many of us feel the need to bring more spiritual consciousness into the workplace, so that each of us can contribute to the world in ways that are more self- fulfilling and holistic.”

- Riz Virk, from Zen Entrepreneur

As featured in The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine and elsewhere, multi-millionaire Riz Virk has “walked the walk”:

  • Earned advanced degrees at both MIT and Stanford
  • Started a technology business at age 23 and turned it into a multi-million dollar enterprise
  • Has founded, grown and sold multiple companies since then
  • Is now an independent film producer and angel investor in Silicon Valley

Picks up where the “Law of Attraction” leaves off

Obviously, Zen Entrepreneurship takes a very different angle on manifesting success and attracting wealth than The Law of Attraction or its many imitators. In fact, Zen Entrepreneurship picks up where these books leave off, delving into critical spiritual issues they never touch upon.

Another difference, of course, is that this book was written by a hugely successful entrepreneur – not a professional writer of self-improvement books!

With his exposition of the Four Keys of Manifestation and Energetic Patterns, Riz Virk puts you a huge leap ahead of others looking for the “magic formula” for success.

More than a story – it’s a workbook too

Zen Entrepreneurship is not just the story of Riz Virk’s life. It’s meant to guide you on your own journey of success. That’s why there are clear chapter summaries to help you deeply absorb the lessons you’ll learn, as well as techniques and assignments to move you along your path.

An important part of the author’s life mission is to teach others how to walk the path he feels fortunate to have walked. It’s simply not part of American culture, and certainly isn’t taught in business school.

As part of his mission, Riz has advised and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs and filmmakers over the course of his career (see below – yes, he’s now a film producer too)!

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Are you suffering from this misperception?

Do you believe that your spiritual life and business life are two different things?

Perhaps you believe that one is the “good” part of you and the other is the “selfish” part that wants money, prestige and possessions. That one part of you is for home life and the other is for the workplace.

In Zen Entrepreneurship, the author will convince you not only are your work and spiritual lives compatible – your success in life DEPENDS on reconciling these two facets of your life. Yes, he means financial success – but also joy, abundance, fulfillment, all the other things success REALLY means.

He makes these two powerful points: first, you are unlikely to ever be successful without understanding your inner drives and purpose, and being able to read what he calls “clues” from the spiritual realm.

But even if you get lucky and make it big, you won’t be fulfilled unless your business journey was part and parcel of your spiritual journey. Your so-called success won’t be success at all!

Zen Entrepreneurship will teach you the 14 hidden keys for success, including:

  • How to use your work for spiritual growth
  • How to achieve success using the Four Keys to Manifestation
  • How to discover and transcend your Energetic Pattern, rather than letting it run you
  • How to bring the magic and mystery of a treasure hunt into your career
  • How to find the 7 Clues that are pointing you to the person you were meant to be
  • How to utilize your dreams and synchronicity to serve as your guide
  • How to find the right fit to propel you to financial and business success
  • How to find and walk your own Warrior’s Path, the unique combination of lessons and contributions you are here for

Read what people are saying about “Zen Entrepreneurship”

Tales of Power meets the Peaceful Warrior... in Silicon Valley! It's entertaining, humble, insightful and valuable - not just to entrepreneurs, but to anyone looking to manifest their dreams and make a difference in the world.”

Foster Gamble, Creator and Host, 
Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take

“You will come away with insight about yourself, guidance …  and knowledge that you may not be able to acquire anywhere else save the mountaintops of the Himalayas.”


“Riz Virk brings the wisdom of ancient Eastern traditions into a purely Western setting.  The result is an often hilarious but always insightful book that will change how you view career success and help you discover and walk your own unique path.”

—Marc Allen, author of Visionary Business,
CEO and co-founder of New World Library

“Zen Entrepreneurship changed my life; it confirmed for me that 'clues' exist in the world around us and are powerful.  I shared this book with every one of my clients from that point forward.  Powerful. A must read... it reinforces that there is a bigger guide within us if we choose to listen.”

—Lorin Beller, author of From Entrepreneur to
Big Fish: 7 Principles of Wild Success 


About the Author

Rizwan Virk is a well-known entrepreneur, writer, independent film producer and angel investor in Silicon Valley.  He started his first company on a shoestring budget at the age of 23 and rapidly grew it into a multi-million dollar operation with offices around the country. Since then, he has started, grown, and sold several high tech companies in enterprise software, video games, and online advertising.  He has also been an advisor and mentor to dozens of other entrepreneurs and filmmakers.

His entrepreneurial exploits have been featured in Inc. Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Pocket Gamer, and he was even skewered by the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  He has authored numerous articles and speeches on entrepreneurship and spirituality.

Mr. Virk is a graduate of MIT in Computer Science and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.