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Startups / Entrepreneurship ​/ Venture Capital

Simulation ​​Theory



  • The Metaverse is Coming - We May Already Be In It (Scientific American, 2022)Why the Matrix Resurrections trailer brings the Simulation Hypothesis one step closer to reality(The Telegraph, 2021)

  • Science and the Simulation Hypothesis (Scientific Inquirer, 2019)

  • How to Build the Matrix (Techcrunch, 2019)

  • Why We Need to Find Out If We Are In a Simulation (OneZero, 2019)

  • The Top Virtual Characters (Variety, 2019)

  • Religion and the Simulation Hypothesis: Is God an AI? (Hackernoon, 2019) 

  • Religion and hte Simulation Hypothesis: Is Karma a Questing Algorithm? (Hackernoon)

  • The Simulation Hypothesis: Why AI, Quantum Physics and Eastern Mystics Agree We Are In a Video Game (Hackernoon, 2018)

  • Simulating Reality (Institute of Art and Ideas, 2020)

Tech Trends 
  • The App Wars: Trump, China and Tiktok (NBCNews, 2020)

  • Is the Age of Robots Finally Arriving? (Hackernoon, 2020)

  • Computer Chips that Read Your Brain Are Here - Are We Ready? (NBCNews, 2020)

  • Fortnite Shows Why Apple is So Much Worse Than Google or Facebook (NBCNews)

  • Will Human Writing and AI Writing Become Indistinguishable? (Hackernoon, 2020)

  • Brain Computer Interfaces in Video Games (Hackernoon, 2020)

  • Here's How the Big Tech Breakup should Go Down (VentureBeat, 2020)

Spiritual / Synchronicity / UFOs
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