I often appear on podcasts, radio shows TV shows or am interviewed by the press in my areas of expertise. I have also written guest pieces for many sites, ranging from TechCrunch to VentureBeat to Digital Trends to Om Times.   Please use the contact me form.


  • General Startup or Career Coaching
    • I am available for coaching​ for startup ideas, life-work balance, expanding your business, career challenges, etc.  

    • Cost: latest hourly rate, done remotely via zoom or skype.

  • Pitch Deck Review​
    • I am available to review your pitch deck and give you slide by slide feedback. 

    • Please keep the pitch deck under 20 slides and send it to me in advance. NOTE: this is not a pitch session, but a feedback of the written deck only. 

    • Cost: $250, includes review of slides and remote 30-45 minute session with feedback.

  • Technology/VC Consulting 
    • I have helped many VC funds and corporates evaluate investment, m&a, and technology opportunities, or to define tech strategy.

    • Cost: custom rate based on project. 

I often get asked to help entrepreneurs with ideas for startups, or to coach entrepreneurs who already have started a business and want to expand, raise financing, or align their personal mission with their startup.


I often give presentations based on my books, about startups, innovation, video games, and the Simulation Hypothesis. ​  For me to speak, I generally require a commitment of a purchase of a certain number of books, and sometimes an honorarium, plus expenses if it is an in person appearance.

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