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Real Life Treasure Hunt

NOTE: The Application Deadline Has Now Passed for  2018 

Follow Your Dreams, Join the Real Life Treasure Hunt, and win a $20,000 Investment in Cash or Bitcoin!
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Everyone who buys a physical copy of Treasure Hunt is eligible to join the Real Life Treasure Hunt!

Do you have an business idea or project you want to pursue?  Have you followed the clues of your intuition to come up with a killer idea that can change the world?  Finding it hard to find investors because your idea is "out there" or not a traditional tech startup?

Riz Virk will provide a $20,000 business investment (in cash or Bitcoin!),  and  up to 10 hours of mentoring to one lucky contestant who is pursuing their new business idea.

Like the popular show “Shark Tank,” Riz will interview the finalists and chose one winner from the entries to invest in their company in return for a negotiated percentage.  Runners-up may also receive smaller investment offers or mentoring without a cash investment.



How can I prove I bought and read the book?

1) You should take a picture with your phone of yourself with the book and post it on social media; this shows us you have a physical copy of the book.  Click here for an example.

2) You should read the book - we'll be asking you a question about your favorite case study and why.

 enters put a picture of themselves with the book on social media - 

Will You Sign an NDA and/or agree to keep my idea confidential?


The answer is “no”.  We see too many different ideas to sign NDA’s or other confidentiality agreements.  It’s very possible that we’ll see another idea that is substantially similar to yours and we don’t want to get involved in any kind of legal tussles.  


Riz’s note: In my experience, building a company is as they say, 1% about the idea and 99% about the effort - so even if you have a great idea there, someone else may have an idea that is similar but not as good, but because they’re willing to work hard and be open about it, they are able to get feedback about their idea, refine the concept, get investment and be successful.   Meanwhile, you were too worried about “someone stealing my idea” and end up failing (or never launching the idea or subjecting it to real feedback), because you were too busy being secretive about it and didn’t get it in front of the right people (who almost never sign NDA’s!).

How many Bitcoin is $20,000?

This will depend on the price of Bitcoin when the investment offer is made, which is expected to be on or before June 30, 2018.

What Kinds of Business or Projects are Eligible?  


You can apply with any type of business project or venture which requires investment.  This includes many non-VC backable ideas such as art galleries, movies, service companies, cryptocurrency mining, energy or electrogravitics, retail, etc.


The key thing is that you must feel called, by a series of clues, to pursue this path as part of your own, personal Treasure Map. 

It should also be investable - i.e. an investor can put in money

and own a part of the project for some return.   For example, a film can generate revenue and have investors; a painting while it can be be sold isn't really a business (an art gallery on the other hand is a business). 

What are the “clues” that I need to have for my business idea to be eligible?

You are required to have purchased and read a physical copy of Treasure Hunt: Follow Your Inner Clues to Find True Success, which talks about many different kinds of clues - synchronicity, dreams, hunches, gut feelings, feelings of deja vu, and the Clue Lifecycle, which is a process for validating, confirming, and acting on your clues/intuition.

Also, think about why you are the best person in the world to be pursuing this idea?


When are the Deadlines?

Entries will be accepted starting October 17, 2017 through March 31, 2018.  There is a benefit to applying early, and we  will notify the finalists on a rolling basis . The winner(s) will be chosen by June 30, 2018.



Eligibility for the Real Life Treasure Hunt

  1. You must have purchased a copy of Treasure Hunt: Follow Your Inner Clues to True Success.  You should show proof of this by sending a link to social media where you have a picture posted of you holding the book.

  2. You must live in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or the European Union.   Entries from other countries will be accepted but there is no guarantee they will be considered.

  3. You must provide enough information for us to evaluate your idea to see if we think it’s a promising business project.

  4. Any type of project is eligible – startup company, film or other project which - requires investment and can provide a return for an investor.   

  5. You  must show how the idea or business project is a result of “following the clues” – and how or why this project has called to you, and may be the work that you are being “called” to.

  6. You should only apply with one concept or idea.  If you have more than one, pick the one that you are most passionate about and which the “clues” most asked you to.


The Process

  1. Submissions will be accepted after October 17, 2017 and until March 31, 2018.  This deadline is subject to change, so it's best to get your application in early.

  2. The Judges will recommend several ideas that show merit and at the sole discretion of the Author, some of these will be chosen as finalists.

  3. The Judges and the Author will evaluate finalists by requesting more information, which may be done via email, skype and/or multiple phone calls.

  4. The Author will determine which finalist is the winner and will offer an investment of $20,000 (in cash or Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency) to the winner in exchange for some percentage ownership of an existing business or new business formed for the purpose of pursuing the “project”. For guidance you can reference shows like “Shark Tank” and accelerators.

  5. The Judging and the Investment will be made completely based on the Author’s subjective ideas about project/idea.

  6. Candidates who are offered investment are perfectly free to turn down the investment; simply by submitting an idea neither party makes any commitment to the other.

  7. A Candidate who is offered investment and who accepts will be required to use standard legal documentation for the setup of a liability limited business entity that will pursue the project - such as an LLC or a Corporation (or similar in structure in your country)

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